Why Pick Lacy’s

Why Pick Lacy’s

Lacy Cosmetology School is locally owned and operated and has been since first opening in 1995.  Jay Lacy is a hands on owner, he has hand picked the Lacy Team and is still part of day to day operations.  He understands what it takes to be successful in the cosmetology profession.   Jay has owned Salons, Beauty Supply Company’s and of course Schools.

1. There is NO waiting to start classes when you enroll at Lacy’s.  We have created a learning system that allows YOU the student to start when you are ready, not when we are.

2. You will not be stuck in the classroom for the first 300 or more hours wondering what is going on out on the clinic floor.  You will be on the clinic floor from day one.  Our instructors will have you working on projects and assisting senior students.

3. We want you to be successful while at Lacys Cosmetology School.  With that said we offer all new students a 2 week orientation period. This allows you to see what type of commitment this is and allows us to process your paper work in a timely manner. Your hours start the first day of enrolling with us so you will get hours while in orientation.

4. We offer lifetime job placement assistance for our graduates. However, it should be noted, with the demand for qualified stylists so high, it is not unreasonable for a graduate to have multiple employment offers when they finish their training with us. The key element to having multiple positions being offered is to follow our directions when seeking employment. And lastly, as strong as the job market is, the federal, state and private agencies that regulate our school require us to tell you; we cannot guarantee employment for our graduates.

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