Tuesdays and Wednesdays we offer family members (as listed above) 50% off the price of services.

Students must maintain and 80% cumulative academic average and achieve at least a 80% grade in each of the practical skill areas. Make up testing is available in accordance with school policy.

Yes; rarely, but yes. For an absence to be excused it must be for a medical or legal necessity. Essentially, for the same reasons a salon owner would grant an excused absence from work. Remember, qualified stylists are those who are managing their private lives. Routine visits to the doctor; public agencies or social activities are not excusable absences.

Yes; the salon industry expects that we set our attendance requirements to be similar to what you will be expected to meet when you go to work. We track students’ attendance by the types of absence, e.g., tardy, leave early or full day absence. A student can have a total of three of these and be making satisfactory attendance progress. Continued enrollment in school requires consistent compliance with the attendance policy. When a student is excessively absent we generally find they are not interested in the training or that their private life is not compatible with our training schedule.

Our industry is experiencing the largest demand for qualified stylists in it’s history. Being qualified means not only being able to perform the service requested by the client, but also be punctual, manages their private lives, and makes a positive contribution to the economic and public image success of the salon.

We offer lifetime job placement assistance for our graduates. However, it should be noted, with the demand for qualified stylists so high, it is not unreasonable for a graduate to have multiple employment offers when they finish their training with us. The key element to having multiple positions being offered is to follow our directions when seeking employment. And lastly, as strong as the job market is, the federal, state and private agencies that regulate our school require us to tell you; we cannot guarantee employment for our graduates.

Black pants and an appropriate shirt/blouse We will also provide you with smock tops to be worn over street attire.

Currently the S.C. State Board of Cosmetology does not require a high school diploma or GED to enroll, they do require that any person be at least 16 years of age and have completed at least the tenth grade, verified by transcript. If you are interested in a PELL grant, a high school diploma or GED would be required if you were found to be eligible.

We ask that each student visit our school to see the surroundings in which they will train. Get all of your questions answered about course costs, schedules, etc. fill out the application for enrollment, attach a registration fee of $100.00 and mail or deliver to the school.

Yes; the school offers PELL Grants to those who qualify. A financial aid evaluation takes about 30 minutes; is free, and accurate if the student provides the school with the necessary paperwork to complete the evaluation.

I probably make too much money to be eligible for financial aid. Do you offer private payment plans?

Yes; but, don’t be so sure about your eligibility for financial aid. If you have not previously defaulted on a student loan, owe money back on a grant or have borrowed in excess of the student loan limits allowed, you may be eligible for financial aid.

Now, back to the private payments; If you are ineligible for financial aid then after paying for the cost of your Registration Fee, Books and Kit, the tuition would be split into monthly payments for the length of your training. Course costs must be paid in full prior to graduation in order for the student to test with State Board.

We find most students will need to replace minor pieces of the student kit from time to time, i.e., combs, brushes, clippies, etc. Such purchases should not be more then $10-$20 a month at the most. This would not cover any hair care products, storage or additional appliances for the student or family.

Registration fee, tuition, books and kit. See the catalog for current pricing.

Stop by one of our locations for course pricing information and start dates.

Please contact the location that you are interested in attending for their scheduling options.

New classes start the first and third Tuesday of every month, as long as space allows.

Our catalog spells that information out quite thoroughly; but, in short, you will learn the arts and sciences of cosmetology in a fashion and content that will at least prepare you for minimum job entry skill/performance/behavior expectations.

That depends on your schedule. For the Cosmetology Program, attending 40 hours per week you can finish within 10 months. For the 600 hour Nail Technology Program attending 40 hours per week you can finish in 4 months.

Our school is owned, operated and managed by successful cosmetology professionals. We have walked in your shoes ourselves. From beauty school through salon employment, salon management; salon ownership, private educator; school instructor; school manager and now school owner.

Our leadership team is renowned as role models and champions of the industry and as making positive contributions to the industry.

Lacy Cosmetology School curriculum has been hand-crafted, and under continual review, to provide the student with meaningful training experiences that will lead the student towards a career of fulfillment and economic well-being.

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